Hydronic Heating System with Natural Gas Storage (5 Star) and Solar boosted

Solar Hydronic Heating system

Solar Hydronic has a higher up-front cost due to the cost of the panels; however the panels help boost heating of the water in conjunction with a gas system. Cost savings are dependent on the size of solar contribution.

The hydronic heating system has been assumed as a 5 star gas storage unit and all energy from this is accounted for and factored via the home energy heating scores. Pumping energy has not been accounted for; however pumps should be specified with variable speed drives. 20% solar pre heat contribution has been elected for this unit thus, 20% discount will be awarded on the gas consumption of the storage unit.
Solar heating systems such as solar hydronic systems are not always the most effective system to use in Melbourne. When heating system are required (winter) solar radiation is not as strong thus the solar panels do not capture the amounts of heat necessary for the system to work overly efficiency. Then in summer they capture too much heat with minimal release. Solar hydronic unfortunately does not work as efficiently as we would like it to as the sun is not as intense in winter and this is the times of the year we require heating.

Note – Hydronic heating systems are not as efficient as gas ducted heating systems if not zoned properly / timed properly. With the assumption of minimal zoning/ minimal control system in the house the gas ducted heating is much more efficient to operate. With 20% solar boosting they operate slightly more efficiently than the base case however this can be a costly form of heating.

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