Efficient Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Air conditioners will be selected from the Government Energy Rating website, ducted units do not have a star rating thus they must have a COP greater than 3.4 to be considered efficient. All energy, greenhouse gas savings and cost savings are in the table above.

The ducted system has been selected for installation in the base case home as it represents cooling the whole conditioned zone. Occupants may choose to only cool some of their homes (such as a kitchen or master bedroom). In this case they would install a single split system. As of January 2010 for non ducted split system air conditioners occupants should aim for the highest achievable star rating. Occupants save around 40-50% in energy and associated costs by installing efficient air conditioning.

Where reverse cycle air conditioning is selected, care should be taken to ensure that the units have a high energy efficiency star rating. This can significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Air conditioner Performance Output Energy Annual cost in 2.5 star home Annual cost in 6 star home
Base case - Low Performance Air Con (COP = 2.9) 5 kW $310 $110
High Performance Air Con (COP higher then 4.2) 5 kW $214 $76

-31c kWh
-Heating and Cooling based on FirstRate energy usage
-Models and companies have been excluded from calculations

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